Blossoms Assisted Living 1, LLC    

Assisted Living, Affordable and Quality Care in Daytona Beach   License  #AL10287

Blossoms Assisted Living is a family operated organization.  Paul Sturdgess, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), comes from the United Kingdom, where he and his family have successfully operated Assisted Living and Home Health.  Blossoms Assisted Living 1, LLC is managed by, Amber Six (Administrator), and Paul Sturdgess (Alternate Administrator). The passion and drive to provide high quality services is immense and it is imperative that the recognition of high quality care is placed at the center of every individual who requires support.  With the ethos that embraces independence, supports choice and encourages involvement means that all residents within Blossoms Assisted Living are given the best quality care they can receive.  With a joint background spanning nearly 40 years, our approachability is embraced by a highly committed and trained staff team, who work hard to provide services and care with the essence of 'family' at the core of what they do.

Blossoms Assisted Living is truly person-centered, and always wants to make a difference to Elder Care and that of the wider vulnerable community.  Your care truly matters!